Hammertoe surgery

The foot and ankle is supposed to be the highly usable parts of the body and therefore suffers lot of injuries and pain. They are also complex in nature, which may result in unprecedented pain and agony. Foot and ankle are also responsible for carrying the complete weight of the body and are prone to fast dislocation or rupture during minor accidental injuries. Athletes and adventure sport enthusiasts suffer maximum ankle and foot injuries during their sporting activities.

The main reason behind instant foot and ankle injuries is due to imbalance of supporting series of muscles and tendons that works together to keep foot and ankle intact and in a perfect balanced state. Usually, bones, tendons and muscles in the foot are subjected to the abrupt push and pull of the muscles and ligaments, making it difficult for the bone to heal itself. However, such injuries can be easily treated through surgeries that can result in optimum healing and stabilization. Reputable clinics and especially our podiatrist in Plano can handle such cases effectively and in a responsive manner. Even they offer different types of foot surgeries including:

  1. Cosmetic Bunion Surgery
  2. Cosmetic Hammertoe Surgery
  3. Sports Surgery

Cosmetic Bunion Surgery

A bunion is identified by the large toe pointing inward towards the second toe. It can be caused by hereditary bone deformations or develop over time due to various factors. Bunion surgery is a method that addresses this condition and removes the painful bump either on top or on the side of the big toe joint. It is performed to heal and alleviate pain. A mild to severe bunion is easily diagnosed, however, an X-ray Is suggested for proper treatment. 

Cosmetic Hammertoe Surgery by Plano Podiatrist

Hammer toe is a severe deformity found in the second third or fourth toe. It causes heavy inflammation and pain to the affected area. It is almost similar to the condition of bunion. A toe with this deformity causes trouble to the patient. The surgical method corrects painful contracted toes. Even removal of corns has also been experienced during the surgery. Visible scarring is minimized by placing the incision in between the toes. It is a specifically designed to relieve pain and contraction.

Sports Surgery

Athletes often take their bodies for granted, which causes injuries to their foot and ankle. Almost all sports persons fall victim of sports injuries, which even restrict them to move with or without weight. Podiatrists perform suitable treatments and surgeries as per their specific needs and injuries.

Therefore, it is important to take complete precautionary measures and advice from the top podiatrists. Patients residing in Plano, Texas can easily find an experienced Podiatrist in Plano, Texas for the foot and ankle treatment.

Hammertoe explained by a Plano Podiatrist.

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