Podiatrist Plano Explains Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is the principal tendon present in our body that sticks together the calf and the soleus muscles present at the lower region of the leg to the foot heel. The calf muscle or the gastrocnemius muscle makes a criss-cross across the ankle, knee and the subtalar joints. This makes the tendon one of the most vulnerable tendons in the body as it remains exposed to all kinds of stress and strain. While tendons are by nature very strong and flexible but it is this nature that causes inflammation and rupture of the tendons because of the slightest tension on them. Tendonitis Achilles is the clinical condition that is used to describe the inflammation or rapture of the tendon.

The above medical condition is also known as an athlete’s foot. The reason behind this is that sports person and athletes have to subject their tendons to greater pressure and as such they are more prone to falling prey to this medical condition of the foot.


Tendonitis Achilles symptoms can be caused either suddenly or gradually over a period of time. The primary cause of the condition is overuse of the calf muscles that put pressure on the tendons. The condition can worsen when the initial warning signs like throbbing of the calf muscles, flashes of pain in the calf are ignored and stressful work is carried on. In extreme cases the pain remains constant with small acts like walking or wearing shoes becoming painful. This is the reason why with the appearance of the first symptoms of inflammation and soreness of the tendon, proper rest and care has to be taken.

The other important cause of this foot condition is poor flexibility of the calf muscles. This will cause the muscles to shorten in length putting greater pressure on the tendons. Sudden drills, heavy weight activities are sure to stretch the tendons beyond their limit. With overuse and continues pressure the tendons swell and cause pain. The main reason that makes this tendon so vulnerable is that it gets limited blood supply.

One of the other reasons that have been suggested to be a major cause of Achilles Tendonitis is wearing unfit shoes. This limits the movement of the calf muscles, reducing its flexibility. This puts pressure on the tendons causing their inflammation and soreness. Acute tendonitis that fails to heal fast results in the occurrence of chronic tendonitis Achilles.

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Let a Podiatrist in Plano explain achilles tendonitis symptoms.

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