How a Podiatrist Treats Achilles tendonitis in Plano TX

Achilles tendonitis

is an injury that occurs at the Achilles tendons. This is as a result of overusing the calf muscles, and it mostly affects athletes. If you are suffering from this condition, you will have signs and symptoms like pain, swelling and inflammation. You will experience pain at the Achilles heel.

When this condition is at its worst stage, it can actually lead to rapture of the tendon. This can only be treated through constructive surgery. So it is important that when you experience pain at the calf muscles, you should not ignore it. There are basically two causes of tendonitis: inflexibility and over pronation.

Inflexibility is as a result of lack of adequate exercising; you are supposed to exercise adequately in order to be flexible. As you become flexible, the calf muscles will also develop the flexibility which will lower the chances of developing tendonitis.

Over pronation is another cause of Achilles tendonitis which means excessive foot motion. When you are having excess foot motion, you increase the chances of developing the injury. This will also increase your chances of developing problems associated with your lower limbs.

There are many conditions which are usually associated with over pronation. The conditions include problems with the runner’s knee, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and shin splits. If you are suffering from over pronation, you should use the correct type of shoes. You should put on shoes that have enough padding or a wedge heel. These types of shoes will help you to recover from this condition.

There are other factors which can lead to tendonitis. These factors include extensive training exercises and having the wrong type of shoe when you are exercising. It is important that you should know when you are exercising; you should start with a warm rather that starting your training immediately. This allows your body to adapt to the exercise and reduce the risk of developing injury.

Shoes have greatly contributed to the development of this condition. Either changing of the type of shoe or using old or worn out shoe will increase the chances of injury development. Always ensure that you have the right type of shoe when you are exercising.

Age is a predisposing factor of developing Achilles tendonitis. This is because as people grow old, the tendons become rigid, inflexible and have increased susceptibility to develop injuries. Therefore, as one grows older, the chances of developing the injury increase.

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