Persistent big toe pain

We are getting a little away from bunions here, but your podiatrist in Plano feels that you should know about another cause of toe pain.

Gout can attack the big toe. Some people call this “gout toe.” This is a prevalent situation in people who have gout. But be aware that gout can appear in many other joints such as the ankle, knee, or elbow.

A first time gout toe sufferer is highly likely to suffer other gout attacks and these can appear in other joints. Please be aware that permanent damage to the joints can result if gout attacks continue on a regular basis.

So the key here is to get immediate relief from your gout symptoms while preventing further gout attacks (whether in the big toe, ankle or knee etc.) in the future.

The symptoms of gout (redness, swelling, inflammation, warmth, sensitivity, and, agonizing pain) are caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals in joints (mostly the big toe as described above).

Purines, found in our body’s cells, are broken down in the body and create uric acid. Purines are also found in certain foods. If you can lessen the amount of purines, then this means less uric acid, which will result in fewer uric acid crystals, and you will have a less chance of getting gout in your big toe (or elsewhere.)

Avoid foods that are high in purines. (And this includes beer.)

Your podiatrist in Plano recommends that your treatment of gout toe should include a proper diet.  But there are other ways to help in your treatment and prevention of gout in the big toe without having to turn to drugs.  If you are suffering in agony right now, you also need to get relief as quickly as possible.

So you should be looking for both speed. You should be looking for longevity. You want to get rid of your pain and start on your preventative treatment simultaneously.

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